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ATX 12V 2x2 P4 PC Power Supply Adapter Cable 4pin

ATX 12V 2x2 P4 PC Power Supply Adapter Cable 4pin


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ATX12V Adapter Cable

Pentium 4 motherboard requires the use of the new ATX12V power supply. The ATX12V power supply has an extra 2x2 4pin cable.

Now you can use this adapter cable to make your existing standard ATX power supply work with a Pentium 4 motherboard.

This product is constructed using high quality 18 AWG UL/CSA certified safety cables and UL/CSA certified safety connectors used. Maximum current capacity is 18.8 amp.

Connect to a 4-pin Peripheral Connector of the power supply.
Connect to the motherboard's ATX12V 4-pin connector


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