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NEW Deluxe ATX12V 20pin 24Pin Digital LCD Display PC Power Supply Tester II
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NEW Deluxe ATX12V 20pin 24Pin Digital LCD Display PC Power Supply Tester II


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psu tester II

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This power supply tester can test both standard 20pin ATX power supply and the newer 24pin ATX power supply.

This product is a simple tester for switching power supply. It makes it easy to test the power supply output.

Product Overview:

The JDResearch power supply tester offers more than 7 different ports to test all sets of connectors your power supply may have there is a front LED display that lights up once a connection is connected into the tester. The 1.67” x 0.71” inch LED display also displays the voltage for each respective rail. This easy to read and use tester is ideal for advanced users to detect if their PSU is running correctly and if the correct voltage is being supplied. There is also an alarm that beeps when the 12V connector is not connected, once connected it will display all pertaining data onto the LED screen. This power supply tester is for any users who wish to check on the status of their PSU’s voltage.


  • Turn on your power supply
  • Plug-in your 24 pin power supply connector to mini tester
  • Check if the LED light does turn ON (+5V, +12V, +3.3V, -5V, -12V, +5VSB, PG needs to be shown with coresbonding numbers)
  • Plug-in HDD connector, check +12V, +5V
  • Remove HDD connector, plug-in P4/P6/P8 connector, check +12V
  • Remove P4/P6/P8 connector, Plug Floppy connector. Check +12V, +5V
  • Remove Floppy connector, plug-in SATA connector, check +12V, +5V, +3.3V


Voltage Source 20/24 pin (ATX-connector)
Voltage Test +12V1, +5V, +3.3V, 5V-SB, +12V2, -12V
Connectors ATX 20/24 pin, EPS-12V 8pin, P4-12V 4pin, PCIE 6pin, SATA 15pin, Molex 4pin, Floppy 4pin
Material Aluminum (body), Plastic (connector base)
Alarm P.G Value, Voltage Detect
LCD Display 1.67” x 0.77” (L x W)
Dimension 4.91” x 2.52” x 0.71” (L x W x H)

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