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Genuine Enlight 500W PCIe SATA ATX Computer Power Supply for Intel P4/i5/i7 12V 8pin PC, Dell XPS
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Genuine Enlight 500W PCIe SATA ATX Computer Power Supply for Intel P4/i5/i7 12V 8pin PC, Dell XPS


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en430ps for Dell 435mt

Enlight 500-Watt Power Supply is a lower noise and stronger power upgrade over original Dell P/N:F217J Studio XPS 435 MT 435T 435MT and many others (scroll down to see list)

  • Ultra low noise performance without the high cost of fanless model.
  • Meets Intel ATX12V 2.2 specification.
  • Flexible connector design supporting both ATX and BTX systems.
  • Supports Dual/Quad-Core/i5/i7 systems.
  • Supports SLI & Crossfire video cards.
  • Honey-comb rear vent structure for improved ventilation.
  • All new complete 6*Star(tm) system protection with built-in Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Temperature Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Power Protection.
  • Advanced Fan Speed Monitor Connector: When connected to an available fan port on the motherboard, provides real time rotational speed of the power supply fan to the system. This feature provides an added level of security alarm to the system. In the event that the power supply's fan failure, the system can now be programmed to shut down immediately or sound an alarm.
  • RoHS compliant
    Lead-Free, Cadium-FREE, Mercury-FREE, Hexavalent chromium-FREE, PBB-FREE, PBDE flame retardants-FREE
  • FCC, UL, cUL, CE, TUV, and CB Certified
  • Replacement power supply for Dell power supply models: H305N-00 , PH333, W8185, L305N-00, PS-6311-2D2, MC633, PC357, N8372, NC905, C5201, CPB09-001B, K159T, 435MT, F217J, PH344, KH624, L375P-00, N375P-00, P8401, K8956, WM283, MC164, YH542, UH870, C9962, L375P.
  • Upgrade power supply for Dell PowerEdge 800 830, Dimension 3100, E310, 5100, E510, 5150, E520, E521, 9150, 9200, Precision Workstation 380, 390, T3400, XPS 400 410 420 430, Studio XPS 8000/8100 435MT F217J 435T/9000
  • Replace: FSP/Fortron/SPI P/N: FSP460-60GLC FSP460-60GLC-B, Delta DPS-360FB-1A

Note: This unit is compatible with Dell's BTX mechancial design: all 4 screws will align with Dell's case, cable length, fan placement, and air flow direction are all compatible. But, the size of this unit is a little shorter than certain original Dell power supply such that there may be a small gap when installed

Customer Feedback on this unit:
Positive feedback rating this product works better then expected, the audio hum my comp had is gone!
Buyer: lucas_joann7

Connectors Summary:

* (1) 20pin & 24pin dual-use main connector
* (5) EZ-Extract (squeeze-and-pull) PATA Peripheral Power Connector
* (1) Floppy Drive Power Connector
* (1) Floppy Drive Power Connector
* (4) Serial ATA Power Connector
* (1) PCI-Express Power Connector
* (1) 4-pin ATX12V Power Connector
* (1) 8-pin Intel i7 / Xeon 12V Power Connector Adapter

Included: 3-prong UL Safety Certified Matching Power Cord


RoHS Compliant - made with hazardous-free components
Hexavalent chromium-FREE
PBDE flame retardants-

Output Power Distribution Table


    115V/230V - 60/50Hz

















+5V & 3.3V combined peak output is 180W

+12V1 & +12V2 combined peak output is 360W

Operating temperature range: 10oC - 45oC (50oF - 113oF)
Operating relative humidity range: 20 to 90%
Energy-efficient: typical 84.10%, average
81.94% efficiency

MTBF Life Expectancy of this model: 100,000 hours* (11 years & 2 months)
* Excludes the life of the fan which may vary depending on operating environment

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