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ENlight EN-8360934 360W PC Supply w/ -5V Power Output, 6pin Aux Motherboard ATX Connector
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ENlight EN-8360934 360W PC Supply w/ -5V Power Output, 6pin Aux Motherboard ATX Connector


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Part: EN-8360934

Model: HPC-360-102 Dual-Fan

NEW Dual-Fan Design for Improved System Cooling

  • High standard of quality with FCC, UL, CSA, CE, TUV, SEMKO, NEMKO, FIMKO, DEMKO, and CB certification.
  • 360 Watts output with original ATX 20-pin main connector, 6-pin motherboard aux power connector, and 2x2 12V power connector
  • Built-in Tripple Electrical Protection with I/O switch for manual emergency shut-down
  • Dual reliable long-lasting ball bearing fans for better cooling and redundancy
  • Silver color round fan guard provide less drag for air to pass through
  • -5V output is included to support legacy systems

True wattage rated at 360W (continuous) Output:
+5V @35.0A, +12V @17.0A, -5V @ 0.8A, -12V @0.3A, +5VSB @2.0A, +3.3V @28.0A

Connectors Summary

20-pin Main Connector x 1
Peripheral Power Connector x 4
4-pin ATX12V Power Connector x 1
Floppy Drive Power Connector x 1
6-pin Aux Power Connector x 1

AC Input: 110V or 230V - switch selectable

Upgrade Replacement power supply for :

Enlight Corporation HPC-340-101 EN-8341934 EN-8304946 EN-8361934 A1
ATX250-3505, FSP300-60GI, FSP235-60GI,
Gateway Part Number(s) 6500055, 6500457, 6500470, 6500525, 6500526, 6500583, 6500563, 6500582, 6500583, 6500611, 6500612, 6500652, 6500684, 6500704, 6500124 6500165 6500404 6500453 6500454 6500457 6500459 6500470 6500525 6500526 6500563 6500582 6500583 6500611 6500612 6500652 6500684 6500704 POW145001AAWW, POW145002AAWW, POW145004AAWW, POW145006AAWW
HIGH POWER® HPC-250G2, HPC-250G1, HPC-250-101, HPC-250-102, HPC-300-101, HPC-300-102, HPC-360-101, HPC-360-102
HP Spare 0950-2700 0950-3971 5183-6914 5187-1098
LITEON PS-5161-2G,
NEWTON NPS-160-CB-1, NPS-200PB-119A, NPS-200PB-119B, NPS-200PB-119C, NPS-250EB B, NPS-250CB A, NPS-250CB B, NPS-250HB A
PowerTronics PK-6145-DT, PK-6145DT-3

eMachine desktop PC Models: T2642, T3104, T3302, T5010

Special motherboard supported:
Intel Pentium 4 Skt. 478 LEXINGTON Gateway Motherboard - Gateway Part No. 4000779 , 4000796 ,

4000755 , 2516298

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