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HIGH POWER® HPC-500-A12S ATX 2x PCIE Supply Patented Computer System Wattage Meter (demo)
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HIGH POWER® HPC-500-A12S ATX 2x PCIE Supply Patented Computer System Wattage Meter (demo)


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condition: demo unit (PSU only, no retail box or AC cord)

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(taken upside down to show both the oversized fan and the Wattage Consumption Meter)


  • 500-watt solid true-wattage rated for PC & industrial application
  • Patented built-in real-time system wattage consumption meter
  • Gold coated terminal connectors
  • Patented EZ-Extract (squeeze-and-pull) Peripheral Power Connectors
  • Over 80% efficiency - Low heat / Low noise / Save energy
  • Noise level of only 20.5 dBA measured at an independent test lab under standard PC operation.
  • RoHS Compliant Lead-free - made with hazardous-free components
  • Intel ATX12V V2.2 V2.0 1.X compliant
  • Triple +12V Output Rails
  • Comprehensive support for ATX, BTX, and EPS12V form factors
  • Active PFC for reduced harmonic distortion
  • Full range AC input with automatic AC input voltage selection
  • All cables come pre-sleeved
  • All new complete 6*Startm protection system
  • ATI Radeon® Crossfire Ready
  • Support Intel Xeon, Pentium D, Extreme Edition, Core 2 Quad, Core 2 Duo, Core 2 Extreme, Quad Core, and AMD 64 X2, Phenom Quad Corebased systems
  • Support up to 4 SATA devices
  • Manufactured with lead-free high density flush mount SMT
    components on double-layer PCB. Advanced engineering keeps the size intact to standard ATX dimensions:150(W)x86(H)x140(D) mm


500 watts Industrial Grade performance .. without the noise
Built-in Real-Time Wattage Meter (Patented):
Patented built-in real-time wattage meter eliminates the power supply wattage requirement guesswork. User can now visualize how much wattage power is available for adding more cards or drives.

This meter takes out the fear of overloading your power supply when you are in need of installing additional devices to your system.    For example, if the maximum system power consumption is shown to be 150w, then you would have additional 350w of reserve power to accomodate additional video cards or drives.

People currently buy higher wattage power supply than they need because: We just don't know how much wattage our systems need exactly from a power supply.  A lot of power supplies in the market are over-rated in wattage claim that users feel that they never seem to get a powerful enough power supply.

System Administrators, Technicians, Engineers, and PC builders:
No more guess work on how strong of a power supply you would need for any system.   You can use this unit to gauge the maximum system wattage requirement first, then install an appropriate lower cost lower wattage power supply for the system.  You no longer have to over-supply each and every system. 

Disclaimer: We recommend using a lower cost
HIGH POWER® models in this method of appropriating the right power supply wattage for each system as all models from HIGH POWER® are accurately rated.  Use of many cheap over-rated power supply models that are currently flooding the market may return disappointing result.

  • Advanced Double Forward circuit design and double-layer PCB manufacturing with flush mount SMT components. The result is a high efficency (over 80%) power supply with improved reliablity, reduced heat-dissipation, more energy-efficient, and longer-lasting. -- Ideal for critical 24/7 data center server application where 40%* of the operational spending is on power.

  • ACTIVE PFC for reduced harmonic distortion and improved power delivery efficiency
  • Full range AC input with automatic AC input voltage selection
  • Intel ATX 12V V2.2 compliant
  • Triple +12V Output Rails - Three independent + 12V output rails ensure safe and stable operation under heavy operation.

  • Integrated case fan controller built-in
  • All new complete 6*Startmprotection system:

    * Over Voltage Protection
    * Under Voltage Protection
    * Over Current Protection
    * Over Temperature Protection
    * Short Circuit Protection
    * Over Power Protection
  • All cables come pre-sleeved
  • Gold coated terminal connectors
  • Large quiet 12cm with twin ball bearing fan for an ultimate balance of low noise and vital reliability. Internal electronic components migrated to flush surface mount SMT parts for improved air flow.
Noise Test Report (under 25 degree C ambient temperature)
Performed by an independent test lab unaffiliated with HIGH POWER®
112 Watts 727 RPM 20.5 dBA
280 Watts 1580 RPM 25 dBA
500 Watts 1605 RPM 33 dBA

Connectors & Close-up Pictures