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SHARK TECHNOLOGY FLEX1U-200 1U Flex ATX 200W Switching Power Supply IDE/SATA for Shuttle XPC System
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SHARK TECHNOLOGY FLEX1U-200 1U Flex ATX 200W Switching Power Supply IDE/SATA for Shuttle XPC System


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SHARK TECHNOLOGY® FLEX1U-200 combines the industry's best cooling architecture with compact mechnical packaging (only 5 7/8" in length) to provide the most reliable power source for your valuable system. This model comes standard with up-to-date four (4) SATA-drive power connectors and support for both 20-pin and 24-pin motherboards.It is designed to be an ideal upgrade and replacement choice for most 1U server and portable gaming systems.

  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: 70% minimum
  • Reliable: Each unit Hi-Pot tested to withstand 1500V AC surge voltage
  • Better packaging: Compact in length for ease of installation & improved system airflow
  • Maximum peripheral support: 2x 4-pin Molex IDE & 4x newer SATA power connectors
  • Clean power: Precision DC output voltage regulation and low ripple noise

  • Reliable Replacement Alternative for:
    Achme AM611BS15S AM618BS15S AM630BS20S
    Shuttle PC40N250EV PC40I2503 PC34N220AC
    EnhanceENP-0616B ENP-0616A ENP-2320 ENP-2320A ENP-2320B, ENP-2322A ENP-2322B

    SPIFSP200-50PLA FSP180-50PLA FSP250-50PLB FSP250-50GU SPI180LE FSP200-50PLAR-B

    Easy-installation replacement power supply for:
    Shuttle XPCmini systems such as SB51G SB51GB SN41G2 SK41G SB61G2/SS51G/SS51G1 SN41G2B SS40G SN45G SK41GPFC SS56G SB62G2 SN85G SS59 SS59GV2 SK43G ST61G4 SB83G5 SB65G2 SB75G2 SK21G SB52G2 SB83G5C SB77G5 SS58G2 PS-X200W PC40N250EV PC34N220AC PS-X160W SS50C SS30G SB61G SD30G2 PC50 PC40 PC60 WPOS-232 PC40I2503

    Connectors Details

    1x 20/24pin Main Power Connector to support both 20pin and newer
    24pin motherboards. Total cable
    & connector length: 370mm
    4x SATA Power Connectors (on 2 separate lines of cables)
    1x P4 4pin Power Connector
    2x Molex Peripheral Power Connectors for fans and IDE drives

    Technical Specifications

    • High Efficiency: 70% minimum
    • Triple Protection: Over-Power/ Over-Voltage / Short-Circuit Protection
    • Hi-Pot Tested: 1.5KV @ 10mA is applied for 60 seconds for every unit to test AC surge failure protection.
    • ENVIRONMENT: Operating ambient temperature: +5℃ to +50℃, Operating environment relative humidity: 20% to 85%, Operating altitude: 0~10000 feet, Storage ambient temperature: -40℃ to +55℃, Storage environment relative humidity: 10% to 95%
    • AC input (47-63Hz) is switch selectable to 115V (100-127V) or 230V (200-240V)

    DC OUTPUT- Max Load: 200W
    +5V +3.3V +12V -12V +5VSB
    7A 5A 11A 0.5A 2A
    +- 5% regulation
    +- 5% regulation +- 5% regulation +- 10% regulation +- 5% regulation
    Ripple: 50mV
    Ripple: 50mV Ripple: 150mV Ripple: 120mV Ripple: 100mV

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